Happy Thanksgiving!

P blanket in process

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you have a relaxing holiday with much time for stitching!


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Highlights from the Annie’s Craft Festival

Wow, what an amazing weekend! The first annual Annie’s Craft Festival was a huge hit! I met people from all over the country who came to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for a festival of classes, lectures, lessons, demonstrations, shopping, and inspiration! Next year the event is September 16-18. Mark it on your calendar!

For me, the best part of the weekend was meeting readers of Crochet! magazine and viewers of Knit and Crochet Now!  One delightful fan, is Bailey! Bailey is 15 and an avid crocheter and knitter. It was a pleasure to meet the future of our industry! I also got to meet her lovely sister, Taylor (also a fiber enthusiast) and their mom. Thanks for coming to the show!

With Bailey age 15


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Annie’s Craft Festival!

It’s here!  The Annie’s Craft Festival weekend!  Come join us for classes, lectures, lessons, vendors, parties and more!

Here’s what the last few days have looked like in my house…

handouts ACF

Handout heaven for my students! See you in Ft. Wayne!


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You Can Do It! Tropical Waterfall Wrap

Margaret's wrap

Margaret’s wrap

Attached is a picture of the Tropical Waterfall Wrap from the Summer 2015 issue of Crochet!  I made it for my daughter in white for a homecoming dance.  It came out beautiful and so soft!!

Thank you for all the great patterns!


Pat in Ohio

Beautiful job Pat! Here’s the color we presented in the magazine: M22159_Tropical_300

The Tropical Waterfall Wrap was designed by Lynn Wasylkevych and was stitched in Omega Perle Super Fine.

Download the pattern HERE.


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You Can Do It! Suss Sweater

Susie Murray

From our “You Can Do It” file, Susie Murray from California shows off her birthday sweater! She says:

I saw this sweater in the Winter 2015 magazine and made one for my daughter.  It was Lena Skvagerson crocheted version of the knitted Suss Sweater.  As you can see I made the top open at the top and placed the buttons below.  Since I’m left handed I have to turn some of the right handed pattern instruction to face left.  I got a little screwed up at the top and realized too late that I had reversed the front panels and they did not meet as shown in the original picture on page 43 of that issue.  I hope that you will display it anyway, as I haven’t made any clothes for 30+ years and this was my first time making something that I could not try on her.  I sent it for her 41st birthday, and she lives 300 miles away from me.  It fit perfectly.

Thank you so much – Susie Murray, Santa Rosa, CA

Gorgeous work Susie!




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Snow Crystal Scarf

Snow Crystal Scarf

The Snow Crystal Scarf by Jennifer E. Ryan is an awesome way to feel dressed up and special this winter. It’s in the new winter issue of Crochet! and includes both text and symbol instructions.

It’s stitched in two yarns by S. Charles Callezione: Luna Lace and Stella. Have fun making this dramatic and sparkly scarf for yourself or for someone special.

Get the pattern HERE.

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Rosedale Scarf

IMG_1590 IMG_1593 IMG_1594   Rosedale Scarf

I had SO MUCH FUN! making this EASY scarf. The yarn does all the amazing work. It’s the Rosedale Scarf in the winter issue of Crochet! magazine. It uses the new yarn, Tahki Select Navajo. You’ll need 4 skeins and you’ll hold 2 strands together throughout. But don’t worry, this yarn is at a GREAT price and you can buy it HERE.

It’s made of slip stitches and the instructions are so easy they only take up half a page. Get the pattern HERE.

I can’t wait to get this scarf back after publication. I know I will  wear it and it will brighten up all my dark winter coats.

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Drop Join Photo Tutorial

Here’s a join as you go (jaygo) technique that I don’t usually use, but I like the braided look that results. I call it “Drop Join” because you drop the hook from the loop, insert the hook into the space on the adjoining motif, put the loop back on the hook and proceed as if nothing happened. You are not joining with a slip stitch this time. This technique is used in the Carnation Square Blanket in the Winter 2015 issue of Crochet! magazine.

What’s your favorite way to join motifs?

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Behind the Scenes of Knit and Crochet Now!

See the fun short video with behind the scenes views of season 7 of Knit and Crochet Now!

This is the season that features Deborah Norville and will begin airing in January. It’s truly a “sneak peek”. So fun! You’ll see many of the cast and crew and glimpses of projects!

Can you find something interesting about my appearance in the video? Go see if you can find it!

Get your ALL Access Membership of Knit and Crochet Now HERE.


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Essential Fingerless Mitts

Essential Fingerless Mitts

These Essential Fingerless Mitts are excellent for him or her. Perfect, stretchy, and quick, they make excellent gifts. They were designed by Linda Dean and use Berroco Fiora yarn, which you can buy HERE. You only need ONE skein per pair!

Get the pattern for the Essential Fingerless Mitts HERE.

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