Crochet and Ireland, a beautiful combination!

When you see Irish crochet do you think of the beautiful lush green hills of Ireland? Have you ever wanted to visit Ireland and explore the unique beauty of the land and culture?


We hope you will join us for Annie’s first crochet tour to the Emerald Isle, June 24-July 3, 2016.


What better way to travel than with other crocheters to enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds of Ireland, including the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Blarney Castle, and Kylemoor Abbey and Gardens. There will be time for sightseeing on your own as well as a visit to a farm to see sheep-shearing, learn about wool production, and make delicious Irish scones. We’ll even learn traditional Irish crochet from a local teacher!


To make the experience extra special, Annie’s guest instructor, award-winning crochet designer Jennifer Ryan, whose unique Celtic crochet designs are inspired by Ireland, will share many of her beautiful designs and teach classes throughout our the trip.

Jennifer Ryan Guest Instructor

Jennifer says: “I have always loved Ireland since my first (and only) trip there when I was a teenager. Our family is filled with Irish heritage and our hearts are filled with a love of everything Irish – the music, dance, artwork, food, countryside, accent and fun-loving people. I am very excited to have this opportunity to visit Ireland and enjoy this incredible experience with others who also love to crochet. It will be wonderful to be in the land that inspires many of my crochet projects.

Jennifer's Roses & Shamrock Necklace from February 2015, Crochet World

I plan to teach three fun Celtic Knot crochet workshops using simple stitches and basic knot weaving techniques to create unique projects that can be finished while on the trip and worn while we are touring! I will have many of my Celtic Knot Crochet designs on display to inspire and instruct as well. The classes will be for anyone who knows how to chain and single crochet, with several handouts and tips for turning a beautiful Celtic knot into wearable (or giftable) art, such as jewelry, bags or garments. All projects will also have various levels built into them for the different skill levels each crocheter brings to a class.   We will take inspiration directly from the sights we see together in Ireland and explore how they can become part of our creations.”

We hope you will join us for 10 incredible days touring Ireland with your crochet hooks in hand!

Go here to sign up for the trip!

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More back stage peeks at Knit and Crochet Now!

Here I am with my hair and makeup done by the first team. (We had a different team the other days). The variety was fun and they were all very skilled. Lena Skvagerson is in the chair behind me getting polished. She’s already beautiful.


Here I am in a different outfit and a microphone already wired with color expert, sheep farmer, teacher, knit designer, fun lady, Kristin Nicholas.

 Robyn Chachula, Rohn Strong, and Lena Skvagerson hang out on set until it’s time to roll.

Here Robyn Chachula gets her polish from Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Amanie Mokdad. Her hair is being styled by salon owner and product development expert, Voula Isakov. Can I say, “Dream team”?

Become an All-Access Member and never miss a minute of any episode, never miss a pattern, and bonus, receive shopping discounts at Annie’s.

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More behind the scenes on Knit and Crochet Now!

  In the work room is a big monitor so we can see what’s going on in the studio and watch along as segments are taped. Here, producer and legendary designer and author, Candi Jensen, gives some direction to Robyn Chachula and Rohn Strong. In the background, Lena Skvagerson lays out items for the next segment.

Here I am with Megan, getting my make up done for day 1 of taping.

I’m always cold, so I grab a project from the table and put it on! A comfy cotton blend. Perfect.

Pre-taping silliness ensues with a little group selfie.  In the back is Rohn, and in the front L-R is Robyn Chachula, me and Lena Skvagerson.

Become an All-Access Member of Knit and Crochet Now, and never miss a minute, a pattern, or an opportunity to purchase items from Annie’s at a discount!

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Save the Date!

save the date

Save the date! I’m so excited about this awesome craft festival. This will be different than any other event because it encompasses so many crafts in ONE festival. Bring a friend, bring a family member, everyone will be able to find their favorite craft plus a new one to try with all the classes and lectures. Find more details HERE.

I’ll be teaching! I will be teaching:

Introduction to Tunisian Crochet

How to Read Crochet Symbol Diagrams

Crochet Un-chained (Foundation stitches)

Find out more about these and other crochet classes, (and knit, and paper crafting, and quilting, and cross-stitch… and more) At this website.

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Knit and Crochet Now, Day 1

The first day I arrived in Detroit we immediately put out all the projects on trays. All the step outs, our notes, hooks and tools, etc. Sandi Rosner helps Candi Jensen and Lena Skvagerson get the lay of the land as far as what needs to be done.

We spend the day weaving in ends, rehearsing tricky maneuvers and saying ‘hello’ to the team who we haven’t seen since last year. We are grateful to have most of the same production team from year to year since they are great to work with and know the ropes.

 Each project gets its own tray. We make up little cue cards for ourselves to remember the details about each pattern. Little crib notes, as it were.


Here is expert Kristin Nicholas rehearsing with Production helper, Sandi Rosner. We ‘rehearse’ with Sandi who helps us clarify points the viewers might have questions about and suggests points that might be of interest to the viewers.

One final block on the ‘Stitch of the Week’ swatches. The team travels from all over the country to converge at the studio. We bring all the projects and step-outs with us, so sometimes they need a little ‘refresh’ after traveling.

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Knit and Crochet Now tv


I just returned home from taping Season 7 of Knit and Crochet Now.

7 the team on steps

The Knit and Crochet Now cast for Season 7

Deborah Norville is your new host! (Click on her name to look for her yarns). She is at top right sitting next to knit and crochet expert, Rohn Strong.  In the middle row, I’m in purple sitting next to Annie’s signature designer, knit and crochet expert, Lena Skvagerson.  In the front row, in red, is knit and color expert, Kristin Nicholas. Next to Kristin with the awesome red wedges is author and crochet expert, Robyn Chachula.

The show is produced by the legendary Candi Jensen.

I plan on showing behind the scenes photos over the next few days.

7 RC with Amanie and Voula

This gem is Robyn getting the dream team action of Emmy award winning make-up artist, Amanie Mokdad and Salon owner and hair innovator, Voula Isakov.

There is a monitor in the background so we can watch and listen while the show is being taped.




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Happy 4th of July!

Are you taking crochet with you to fireworks or barbecues today?

Tell me about it!

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Caron United and the World’s Largest Stocking

Caron Yarn is doing a fabulous giving initiative. They are wanting to create the World’s Largest Stocking. It will be made of 3 x 3′ sized blankets donated by crafters!

Caron stocking image

Here’s what you do:

Buy Caron United Yarn. $.15 of each skein sold will go to the charity: Children of Fallen Patriots.

Make a 36″ x 36″ blanket. It can be crocheted or knitted and can be your own pattern or one of their free patterns.

Mail in your blanket.

Their team will sew the donated blankets together to create the stocking.

The Guinness Book of World’s records will determine if they reached the goal!

The stocking will be dis-assembled and the individual blankets donated to people in need!

You get a DOUBLE DONATION for your effort!  Both a donation when you buy the yarn and the donation of the finished blanket. It’s so very clever!

You can also read about the program on the Caron website here.

Other interesting links:

About Children of Fallen Patriots & Caron United yarn:

Share your square picture gallery:

Survivor Speak (children that the charity has helped):

Stitch –n-Pitch Gallery: ,

Interview with a CFP Mom:



World’s Biggest Stocking:

Information page:


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The Knit and Crochet Show!

Will you be there?

July 22-25 in San Diego, CA.

Classes, vendors, book signings, Fashion Show, fun! Get all the details here. I’ll be there! If you see me, please stop me and say hello!

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Cast Off Chemo!

What if I said that there is a possibility that cancer could be treated WITHOUT chemotherapy? A possibility that chemo could be cast aside and NOT used?

Cast off chemo

Crocheters and knitters have a wonderful reputation for generosity and here is an opportunity to help improve the treatment of cancers. is a non-profit organization created by a family member of Dr. David Krag’s patients. Dr. Krag is a research surgeon at the University of Vermont and is doing promising research that might alleviate the need for chemotherapy when treating cancer. The technique is to use the patient’s own antibodies to fight off the disease.

Here’s where knitters and crocheters can help. Over 50 knit and crochet patterns are already available for $5 each on the Cast Off Chemo’s Ravelry page with ALL proceeds going to the cause. More patterns are being added frequently.

You can also DESIGN a pattern and allow the pattern to be sold by Cast Off Chemo.

There is an auction for two weeks in October, 2015 when fabulous yarn, needles/hooks, patterns, books and much more will be available through an eBay auction to benefit Cast Off Chemo! Check out the website starting in September with a preview of the items to be auctioned.


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