Caron United and the World’s Largest Stocking

Caron Yarn is doing a fabulous giving initiative. They are wanting to create the World’s Largest Stocking. It will be made of 3 x 3′ sized blankets donated by crafters!

Caron stocking image

Here’s what you do:

Buy Caron United Yarn. $.15 of each skein sold will go to the charity: Children of Fallen Patriots.

Make a 36″ x 36″ blanket. It can be crocheted or knitted and can be your own pattern or one of their free patterns.

Mail in your blanket.

Their team will sew the donated blankets together to create the stocking.

The Guinness Book of World’s records will determine if they reached the goal!

The stocking will be dis-assembled and the individual blankets donated to people in need!

You get a DOUBLE DONATION for your effort!  Both a donation when you buy the yarn and the donation of the finished blanket. It’s so very clever!

You can also read about the program on the Caron website here.

Other interesting links:

About Children of Fallen Patriots & Caron United yarn:

Share your square picture gallery:

Survivor Speak (children that the charity has helped):

Stitch –n-Pitch Gallery: ,

Interview with a CFP Mom:



World’s Biggest Stocking:

Information page:


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The Knit and Crochet Show!

Will you be there?

July 22-25 in San Diego, CA.

Classes, vendors, book signings, Fashion Show, fun! Get all the details here. I’ll be there! If you see me, please stop me and say hello!

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Cast Off Chemo!

What if I said that there is a possibility that cancer could be treated WITHOUT chemotherapy? A possibility that chemo could be cast aside and NOT used?

Cast off chemo

Crocheters and knitters have a wonderful reputation for generosity and here is an opportunity to help improve the treatment of cancers. is a non-profit organization created by a family member of Dr. David Krag’s patients. Dr. Krag is a research surgeon at the University of Vermont and is doing promising research that might alleviate the need for chemotherapy when treating cancer. The technique is to use the patient’s own antibodies to fight off the disease.

Here’s where knitters and crocheters can help. Over 50 knit and crochet patterns are already available for $5 each on the Cast Off Chemo’s Ravelry page with ALL proceeds going to the cause. More patterns are being added frequently.

You can also DESIGN a pattern and allow the pattern to be sold by Cast Off Chemo.

There is an auction for two weeks in October, 2015 when fabulous yarn, needles/hooks, patterns, books and much more will be available through an eBay auction to benefit Cast Off Chemo! Check out the website starting in September with a preview of the items to be auctioned.


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Nice to meet The Fiber Seed!

TNNA is The National NeedleArts Association. Yarn manufacturers, publishers, and accessory producers come together in events through the year to show off their latest products. This past weekend was the show for the new Fall/Winter lines. I was able to meet Lindsay English, of the Fiber Seed in person!

Remember a few weeks ago, we had a conversation talking about her Made in the USA yarns. If you missed it, you can read all about it here!

The Fiber Seed Lindsay

Isn’t Lindsay and the crocheted scarf lovely? Don’t forget to visit The Fiber Seed Yarn Co at

Small Batch. American. Hand Dyed.


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Nice to meet you!

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked with Diane at Appalachian Baby Design? Read about that conversation HERE.

I got to meet Diane in person at TNNA this past weekend!  What a lovely time!

Appalachian Baby Diane

She gave me a very soft ball of US Organic Cotton. What would you make if you were given some soft organic cotton?

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The Editor Wants to Know…

What are your favorite crochet blogs? What blogs do you go to consistently for great content, pretty photography and expert help?


Made in the USA- Made in America Yarns


In this installment of Made in the USA, I had the lovely opportunity to learn more about the Jaraha family and their company, Made in America Yarns!

Ellen: Who owns the company and where is it located?

Made in America Yarns (MIAY): The company is located in Philadelphia, PA and is owned by the Jaraha family.  Made in America Yarns is a Hand Knitting and Craft Yarn division of the Huntingdon Yarn Mill.  Our yarn collections are manufactured and dyed in the Huntingdon Yarn Mill.

Ellen: Do you raise your own animals? 

MIAY: No, we do not. But we proudly source our wool for American Lamb from Missouri, and our cotton from Georgia.

Ellen: Is your business open to tour groups?

MIAY: Yes we have had tours in the past, mainly college students, guild groups or others in the yarn manufacturing field.  There are many art and textile colleges in Philadelphia and New York so although we are not open to the public we are open to local students.

Ellen: Do you sell fiber at your location (i.e., do you have a retail shop on site people can visit?)

MIAY: No we don’t, but we have set up cash and carry days for groups who come for tours.


Ellen: How many different fibers and/or products do you make/sell?

MIAY: Our yarn lines include:

Florafil – A collection of three Bulky cotton yarn lines with many color variations including solids, space dyed, and baby/pastel colors.  This style of yarn is also referred to as Soft Ball because of the soft cotton roving.

WayFarer – A fingering weight multi twisted yarn made of 100% merino wool.  This pure wool yarn line is very soft, ideal for sweaters, shawls, socks, or lace work.  It is also perfect for color work such as fair isle and cabling.

American Lamb – A bulky weight made from 100% U.S. grown and processed Merino Wool with a micron count of 22.  This creates some of the softest American wool available.  This wool roving yarn is great for cozy projects, like sweaters, blankets, or other wearable winter accessories.

Ellen: The Florafil is so unique! I can’t think of anything like it on the market!

Made in America Yarns is more than a name it’s a statement.  We feel strongly about keeping our product made in America, from obtaining the fibers, spinning, then twisting and dyeing the yarns here in our Mill.  Many of our employees are second and third generation, we feel proud to be an asset to our local community for job creation.

We also pride ourselves in a quality premium product.  Our soft cotton and wool roving yarns are unique and unlike any yarns available their soft almost squishy texture is a joy to craft with.  The inspirations for the colors of our yarns are based on American inspiration, our Florafil yarn colors are inspired by American wildflowers.  Our WayFarer colors are based on colors found in nature across the US from the pine forests in Washington to the Cranberry Harvests in Massachusetts.  The ideals of an America made company are in the forefront of our minds at all times!



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Swatch Review time!

Decision emails will go out as soon as possible this week. This is what my space looks like as I pour through submissions and try to choose yarns. The big binders are from the various yarn companies. They provide “color cards” or snippets of each yarn they make in each color. This is SO incredibly helpful. It allows us to see the yarn and the exact color to help us match the perfect yarn with the perfect project. Many times the designer comes up with a winning combination, but if it is too similar to another project or I need more variety in the issue, I go to the color card books to help. Updated color cards save me HOURS of time. As you know though, yarns constantly change. Colors change, great new yarns get added, some get discontinued. It’s tough to be as current as possible. Also I call down to Kortney and Channing in catalog and play “Go Fish”.  I say, “Do you have a sample of this yarn I can see?” and they either say, “Yes” or they say, “Go Fish!”  (No, they don’t really say that… but I always feel like it would be appropriate if they did!)

Spring swatch review

What are you favorite yarns that you’d like to see in Crochet! magazine?

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$1.99 QUICK!

Oh my gosh!  Learn Bruges Lace (Crochet) is only $1.99 today!

This is an incredible price! 19 pages of illustrations/tutorials then 8 projects! I’m so proud of this book and the crisp photography. Go get a copy!

Learn Bruges Lace





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Video Tutorial: Extended Single Crochet

Please enjoy this short video tutorial on the extended single crochet. This technique is used

You can find more crochet help on the Annie’s Stitch Guide.

The extended single crochet is used in the Poppy Topper pattern, by Diane Moyer, in the current issue of Crochet! 

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