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Legally Blind Designer of Gorgeous Fashions

Legally Blind Designer of
Gorgeous Fashions

Click here for larger image.Designer Stephanie Nunn of Ohio creates beautiful, ethereal knitted creations with crochet trims and accents for bridal and evening fashions only by appointment. What most of her clients don't know is that behind the gorgeous designs is a woman who can barely see to thread a needle. Stephanie Nunn is legally blind.

Nunn recently showed her Nadira Collection (meaning "rare creator" in Swahili) at a Cleveland event. Most people, even close friends, see Nunn without glasses. She was supposed to be blind by age 6, but instead, Nunn says, "I'm still kicking at 50."

Click here for larger image.Not only was she born with macular degeneration, a progressive eye disease, as well as high myopia, but an injury so damaged an optic nerve that she sees only light and shadows with her right eye. Her left eye is corrected to about 20/30 with the single contact she wears away from home.

Stephanie's design work is her second career. By day, she works as an executive assistant. She spends many hours on evenings and weekends working at her knitting machines, sewing machines or with crochet hook in hand in the home she shares with her husband, Michael.