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Celebrate Summer!
Quick, Portable & Fun Crochet Projects!

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Summer 2021
Included in this issue, you will find 22 quick, portable and fun designs to celebrate summer! The Strasbourg Hexagon Shawl is the perfect, versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. Worked in lacy, join-as-you-go hexagons, this unique U-shaped shawl makes the perfect accessory. Likewise, the Snug as a Bug Shrug is exactly what is needed on those evenings when you need a little something to help keep you warm; wear it as a scarf or a shawl! And speaking of "special," we've added a beautiful airy cardi just in time for warmer weather! The Spring Day Kimono Cardi constructed with variegated pastel yarn, is sure to gain the admiration and compliments of family and friends as you add a pop of color! So, freshen up your wardrobe with fresh attire as well as your choice of Aztec Earrings, the Flirty Filigree Necklace, the Boho Bracelet Trio, or the Beaded Coins Bracelet to complete your summer vibe!
A lot of my crochet friends tell me it is simply too hot for them to crochet in the summer. Because I live in Texas, I totally understand where they are coming from, but crochet is a big part of my everyday life. Crochet is fun and relaxing, and, most importantly, it helps relieve my life stresses. Perhaps if there were a magical pill that would take away all stress during hot weather, I might consider giving up the craft, but until then, I plan to continue crocheting even when it is hot.

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