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A Note From the Editor

A lot of my crochet friends tell me it is simply too hot for them to crochet in the summer. Because I live in Texas, I totally understand where they are coming from, but crochet is a big part of my everyday life. Crochet is fun and relaxing, and, most importantly, it helps relieve my life stresses. Perhaps if there were a magical pill that would take away all stress during hot weather, I might consider giving up the craft, but until then, I plan to continue crocheting even when it is hot.

But for those of you who feel like my crochet friends, you will find lots of small but functional designs in this issue that are perfect to crochet no matter what the weather. I am an avid reader and fell in love with Trish Hoskin's Relaxing Summer Book Basket, and The Nantucket Market Bag by Briana Kepner is something I plan to make before our annual summer beach trip. It is the perfect size to hold all my beach essentials like sunglasses, water and sunscreen.

Our apparel section includes designs made using cotton yarn, which is perfect for this time of the year. Serein Tee by Mona Modica is flattering to most any body type with its free-flowing body and cap sleeves. Spring Day Kimono Cardi by Nicole Wang is a great piece to layer over a sleeveless dress or tank.

In the You Loved! We Listened! feature, you will find a standout scarf, Roses & Lace, which was loved when it was first published in 2010. We brought the pattern back and reimagined it in a totally different yarn for a new look.

So, join me this summer and continue to crochet no matter what the temperature.

Happy Stitching!

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Connie Ellison, Editor

Connie Ellison is the executive crochet editor for Annie's and the editor of Crochet! magazine. Connie is the crochet buyer for Annie's Craft Catalog and website, and oversees the Annie’s crochet pattern books. Connie began her career with Annie's in 1978. Crochet, reading and gardening are her passions, and she spends her summers canning and freezing vegetables grown on their farm. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband. They have 2 grown children and three grandchildren.

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