Shining Shells Throw
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Did you see my post a few days ago of the ‘Let the Lace Go Top’? Designer Linda Dean, designed that top AND the Shining Shells Throw¬† AND the Unfurling Hat, all in this issue! It’s a Linda Dean bonanza and I can’t be happier to show off her versatility as a designer. M22164_LetTheLaceGo_300 M22164_ShiningShells_300 M22164_Unfurling_300

First, let’s look at the Shining Shells Throw. It’s classic crochet but yet it looks so fresh and modern with the banded edging and the join-as-you-go motif method. And GOLD, have you seen the color gold recently look so great? It’s lovely. It’s stitched in Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft fine in feather gold.

Next, the Unfurling Hat! Rowan Colorspun light (DK) has a lovely multi-color look that is amazing in this post-stitch hat. The corkscrew crown of the hat is made of cleverly placed front and back post stitches and then the pattern extends down to the brim. You’ll love the warmth in this wool/mohair/polyamide yarn.

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