Stamford Pullover
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M22164_Stamford_300  The Stamford Pullover is just so…. cool.  It’s clever. It’s both modest and flashy at the same time. Totally comfortable but not too casual. Designer Lena Skvagerson lives up to her reputation with this gorgeous sweater. It’s sized from 36″ finished bust up to 52″.  The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Select DK Merino Superwash in the color violet. The lace pattern is cleverly stitched with strategically skipped stitches. All the worked stitches are EASY, single and double crochets. You can do it!

Find the pattern in the current autumn issue of Crochet! Get your instant download here!



4 Responses to Stamford Pullover

  1. Sheri says:

    I am having trouble understanding the pattern direcctions for the body round 1 of the Stamford pullover can you post a video? I have never worked a sweater from the top down and the arm holes and sleeve are confusing. Thank you

  2. Katherine Cunningham says:

    I tried to do this pattern but found that when I got to the body it said to ch 6 (armhole) does this mean that this small space is to be the armholes? It’s way too small I don’t understand this part. Now I have a half finished sweater and I don’t know what to do next. 😩

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