Crocheting in the Emerald Isle, Part 2
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What amazing adventures we had in Ireland!

IMG_6762  We had THREE outstanding crochet classes with our celebrity instructor, Jennifer Ryan, pictured above. She was so well organized and walked us through Celtic-inspired crochet techniques. She offered three main projects, one for each class, but each one had variations so that students could choose! Above you can see Agnes our tour guide and fellow crocheter, looking on from behind. Sitting, working intently is a grandmother/granddaughter duo, Mary Ann and Isabelle.


My family came along on the trip with us. Here we are standing in front of the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.  In addition to the crochet and craft related adventures our group also got to see many of the iconic sights of Ireland.

IMG_6618 This is the farmer at Rathbaun farm who talked to us about the farming life in Ireland and gave us a sheep shearing demonstration. This sheep had never been shorn before and I think she quite liked the haircut! Sheep are not harmed while shearing and the farmer explained that the sheep are shorn for their own benefit, not for revenue.

IMG_6571 Also on the farm at Rathbaun, we had a scone making class! We discovered the joys of Irish butter. These three ladies all joined us from outside of the US… the Phillipines, Australia, and South Africa to be exact! We also had another participant, Maria, who joined us from Puerto Rica.  What a wonderful mix of crafty people from around the world!

IMG_6519 IMG_6518

We spotted these crocheted hats for sale in shops in Galway and Killarney.  They were tightly stitched single crochet beanies that were lined with a stretchy fleece on the inside. They were approximately $30 in US dollars.

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