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I’ve had a few questions on how to subscribe to this blog. To the right on this page you’ll see the “Follow me on Pinterest” tag. Below that is the orange “feed” icon that looks like this:     Feed icon   Don’t click this one, it’s just a picture…. but the one over there >>>>>>

Click it and you can “add to my feeds”.  Then when you are in Internet Explorer, and you click on the Favorites  star in the upper right of your home page you’ll see three tabs, one is for ‘Favorites’, one is for ‘Feeds’, and the third is ‘History’. This blog will now show up under your ‘Feeds’ tab.  I’m not sure how it will work in other browsers but the process is probably similar.

Stay tuned because apparently someone with a long history in the Crochet industry has called me a ‘Mover and Shaker’ (look for this news around June 5?)

While you are subscribing to this blog, consider Following us on Pinterest and Facebook.  Each site has slightly different information, so it’s worth it to follow everywhere!


2 Responses to Subscribe to this Blog

  1. Nancy Thatcher says:

    So what is the secret to following with an iPad Air? I have signed up to follow several people that have articles that interest me.i might get one or two issues and then they all seem to fade away!

    • Ellen G. says:

      Hi, I’m sorry, I’m just now seeing your question. I have no idea how an IPad Air works. Are you talking about signing up to read WordPress blogs or signing up to read your digital subscription to Crochet! ?

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