Made in the USA- Romney Ridge Farms
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Introducing Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co!

Here is the information they provided about their company:

Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co creates high quality, beautifully hand-dyed yarns. We selectively purchase clean, healthy wools from our fellow shepherds who practice humane and responsible animal husbandry to blend with fleeces from our own beloved flock.

Fibers are sorted and blended by breed, then washed at a Maine-based wool scouring facility implementing environmentally safe washing methods by using eco-detergents. Spinning of our yarns takes place as a New England based, historical wool mill. Our woolen-spun yarns are lofty and have more of a unique, homespun appearance rather than a mass produced look and feel of commercial yarn. We take care in choosing harmonizing blends of wool for each yarn run we create – choosing specific wool types for the base.

We use only W. Cushing Dyes, manufactured in Kennebunk, Maine for our dyeing. W. Cushing Dyes offers a large selection of rich, bold colors and require no harsh chemicals, only vinegar to set the color.

Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. is proud to produce 100% American Made Yarns.

Our Romney Ridge Farm Blend Yarns are a traditional, hardy, woolen-spun yarn. Perfect for hats, mittens, scarves & sweaters. Beautiful for colorwork.

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