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I just returned home from taping Season 7 of Knit and Crochet Now.

7 the team on steps

The Knit and Crochet Now cast for Season 7

Deborah Norville is your new host! (Click on her name to look for her yarns). She is at top right sitting next to knit and crochet expert, Rohn Strong.  In the middle row, I’m in purple sitting next to Annie’s signature designer, knit and crochet expert, Lena Skvagerson.  In the front row, in red, is knit and color expert, Kristin Nicholas. Next to Kristin with the awesome red wedges is author and crochet expert, Robyn Chachula.

The show is produced by the legendary Candi Jensen.

I plan on showing behind the scenes photos over the next few days.

7 RC with Amanie and Voula

This gem is Robyn getting the dream team action of Emmy award winning make-up artist, Amanie Mokdad and Salon owner and hair innovator, Voula Isakov.

There is a monitor in the background so we can watch and listen while the show is being taped.




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