Made in the USA- The Fiber Seed
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Made in America 2

I recently had the pleasure of learning more about The Fiber Seed and I’m thrilled to share some of what I learned from the owner, Lindsay English, in this second installment of Made in the USA here on the Behind the Hook blog.

Made in America 1

Ellen: Who owns the company and where is it located?

Lindsay English:  I own the company, but it’s a family business located in Tampa, Florida.  We also work with designers to create fantastic knit and crochet wear designs that show off our colors and yarns.  I’ll be honest, we need more crochet designs, any takers?

Ellen: Hear that crochet designers? Lindsay might need some design support! Do you raise your own animals?

Lindsay: That’s a dream we have for the future.  Right now we work directly with our mill in Maine to source our merino wool from across the US.  Our dyes are also made in the US and conform to the Organic Trade Association’s standards for Organic Fiber Processing.

Ellen: Wow, thoroughly Made in the USA! Is your business open to tour groups?

Lindsay: No, at this time we have our dye studio, wash room and dry house on the same property as the family home.

Ellen: Do you sell fiber at your location (i.e., do you have a retail shop on site people can visit?)

Lindsay: No, we don’t have a retail shop on location, but we do have many local yarn shops right across the bay from us that have a great selection of our yarn to choose from.  You can find all of the locations that carry our yarns on our website here,

Ellen: How many different fibers and/or products do you make/sell?

Lindsay: Right now we have wool blends in various weights from lace to worsted weight.  We also put together kits that include our yarns and patterns.

Ellen: Lindsay, I LOVE how you have examples of how Sprout CROCHETS up in swatches! Brilliant!

For more information check out The Fiber Seed website

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