Stitch Away Stress!
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Stitch Away Stress

All month in April, the Craft Yarn Council will be talking about how to #StitchAwayStress!  Use the hashtag for Instagram and other Social Media to tell your story!


My favorite ways to Stitch Away Stress are:

1. Crochet with my cat nearby. Aw, sleepy kitty.

2. Choose a rhythmic pattern where I can just stitch without thinking too hard.

3. Choose a GREAT yarn. Something smooth and soft that won’t get grumpy if I decide to pull out a few stitches.  Some yarn, like mohair, is beautiful but can turn into a battle if you have to rip out.

4. Choose a GREAT color. Choose a color that you love.

5. Choose a project you will GIVE to someone you love. Think of them as you make it.

6. Keep your tension Goldilocks… not too tight, not too loose, just right. Don’t try thread for the first time if your goal is to de-stress. Don’t try a Q sized hook for the first time if your goal is to de-stress.

7. Turn off your phone or computer. Just for 15 minutes or so if you are anxious. The world can wait 15 minutes.


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  1. Helen Combass says:

    Sounds exactly like me, especially with the kitty! Love it!

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