Become a Designer for Crochet!
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Have you always had a secret desire to design for Crochet! ?  Does your heart race at even reading this headline? The next deadline for design proposals is May 8, 2015.  I will be looking at proposals for the Spring 2016 issue.

How do you propose a project for publication?

Step 1: On the left sidebar of the Crochet! magazine website, under More Information, choose “Designer Guidelines” or click HERE for a direct link to the designer guidelines. Click on and read the ‘Submission Guidelines’.

Step 2: Email us at and ask for an Editorial Calendar. It gives you the dates, details, and inspiration about submitting for this issue and the next one.

What needs to be in a proposal?

1.  A completed Project Submission form (it’s attached to the editorial calendar). Fill in the form completely with all the necessary information: What yarn you want to use, what color, what the project is, how big it will be, what stitches you will use, what you would like to call it, and a pretty description to introduce the project, etc.

2. A swatch!  Even in an emailed submission, make a large swatch and attach a great photo of it. Make sure if your project has multiple stitch patterns, that we can see them all. If your project has grading, show on your swatch how you plan to increase or decrease. If you plan on attaching flowers or trims, show those on your swatch or on a second swatch.

3. A sketch!  It doesn’t have to be a talented sketch, just give us an idea of where things will go, what length of sleeves does it have (if any) how long will a garment fit on the body (tunic length, cropped length?).  If your sketch is really, uh, sketchy… use more words to help illustrate, and point to it! —–> 3/4 sleeve, mid-hip length, length of purse handle, etc.

4. If you have never published a pattern before, or haven’t published one with us, please send us a portion of the written pattern you are proposing. Having a well-written pattern is just as important as having a pretty pattern.

You can either mail in your submission with your swatches (make sure you wrote down exactly what you did… we’ll keep your swatch if we use it.) OR you can email your submission (then you can keep your swatch for reference).

DO: Please send submissions to only one publication at a time… because what if we both say, ‘YES”?, then you’ll be in the embarrassing spot of telling someone you can’t deliver on your proposal.

DO: Be amazing. 😉  Look over our past issues but don’t try and copy what you’ve seen us publish before. We want what we haven’t already seen!

DO: Be bold. Every published designer has had rejections. It happens. It will happen to you. Most of the time it’s just that the “fit” isn’t right. It doesn’t mean that your project is bad. If it doesn’t get accepted design something new and try again. Ask yourself… if I saw this in a magazine, and I had never seen it before, would I want to make it? What would excite me about this project? Would it teach me something new?

DO: Be happy crocheting. There is nothing wrong with stitching happily along on projects that other designers have written. Designers are just crocheters who don’t like to follow instructions 😉



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  1. bushra abbas says:

    I want to be a designer. And want to cell my designs

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