Make all the Projects!
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Do you ever get inspired and feel like you want to STITCH EVERYTHING?

So, I’m caught up on my favorite tv shows but I needed something to make noise while I work and I found Robyn Chachula’s Learn to Crochet Sweaters Annie’s online class. I have had the joy of attending Robyn’s classes in person and of course I’ve worked with her on Knit and Crochet Now and consider her a good friend.

So, I virtually invited Robyn over for the afternoon! (She doesn’t know this…) because I watched her online class, Learn to Crochet Sweaters. The patterns are totally cute. She makes them SO EASY that I just want to make them ALL.¬† Make ALL THE PROJECTS!

Learn to Crochet sweaters

The Andi Lace Raglan Sweater is adorable!

I want to make it TWICE. One exactly the way it is and the other extra big and wear it as a swimsuit cover up. Robyn makes it incredibly easy.

Now the Ruby Top-Down Pullover… I need this exact wardrobe staple. The color is perfect, the subtle texture is interesting, the top-down construction is awesome for trying it on as you crochet.

The Brooklyn Motif Tunic… is delightful! After you learn this classic technique you could totally go off the rails with your own creative ideas.

Thanks Robyn for spending the afternoon keeping me company while I work!

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