Motif Mania, Marvelous Crochet!
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MCM cover

Do you marvel at crochet motifs? To me, crochet motifs are little gems of artwork complete in one tiny package. Motifs are also units, granny squares, small pieces of fastened off crochet that are usually joined to more to make a bigger piece.  I don’t usually call them ‘granny squares’ because they aren’t always square. I like the word motifs because as the word implies, it’s a visual bit that is often repeated.


Sometimes when a blanket or sweater is made of hexagons, the edge of the piece is not straight but is irregular.  For that reason, you should learn to make HALF motifs to fill in the spaces.  The book Marvelous Crochet Motifs teaches just that!  Available in hardcopy or digital download, the book has motifs, symbol diagrams and written instructions for all the motifs, AND 5 projects that use the motifs. The 48 motifs are squares and hexagons. Because every motif also shows it’s HALF counterpart, you can now make even more projects than ever before.

MCM 2 MCM 4 MCM 6 MCM 7  The scarf to the left uses hexagons and “fills in” the side edges with half-hexagons. (Look at the purple half-hexagons near the middle of the photo, mirroring each other.

MCM 8  This hat began with a hexagon motif then additional rounds were added to create the beanie.

MCM 9  This cowl is a different hexagon than the scarf above but placed on a different angle, it creates a different edge. So fascinating! With motifs you can create just about anything!  Check out Marvelous Crochet Motifs for 48 motifs and 4 projects!

Also, notice in Crochet! magazine, the Motifs in Minutes feature which offers two new motifs with every issue!

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