Learn to Read Symbol Crochet Diagrams!
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Have you noticed that I have started adding symbol crochet diagrams in Crochet! magazine in the past 3 issues? I know that wading through columns and columns of text to understand a pattern can be tiring and confusing. But with symbol diagrams you can get a quicker understanding of how the pattern works. The language of symbol diagrams is easy to learn and will serve you well as you work patterns not just from Crochet! magazine, but also from publications all over the world. I have stitch dictionaries from other countries in other languages that I can use because I can read symbol diagrams.

My new Annie’s online class, Learn to Read Symbol Crochet Diagrams, is now live! You can view the class instantly from your computer. Follow the link above and receive a 20% discount on the class until 1/24/15.

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The class includes 5 projects, with both full text instructions and symbol diagrams for each. I’ll teach you what the symbols mean and how to work from the diagrams both in rounds and in rows.

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Click here for a video preview of the class.

Join me in crocheting faster and easier than ever before using the tool of symbol diagrams.

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