The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 4: The Conclusion
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I missed a critical question in Part 1. When I asked who the scarf was for, and the colors, I made a rookie mistake.

Peggy told me the event was on January 25, which was fine. But what I didn’t ask was… though the event was January 25, WHEN would she want the finished scarf? I did not know that she would want it four days AHEAD of the 25th… Luckily, I wasn’t procrastinating and was able to finish up, put on some fun fringe, snap a few photos, tag it with care instructions and deliver it on time. Whew!

Here is the finished Soccer Saga Scarf.  I hope you like it!  I think I need to make a couple more in our kids’ school colors!

soccer scarf 2   soccer scarf 4

5 Responses to The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 4: The Conclusion

  1. Walter Barnes says:

    Where can I get the pattern, please?

  2. peg ferreira says:

    I am trying to get your instructions for a 2 color diagonal granny square, I watch you on knitandcrochet all the time/ But I cant get the instructions for this granny square. Please let me know how I can get this pattern

  3. arlene olster says:


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