The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 3
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I’m making a scarf in my nephew’s soccer team colors to serve as a prize for a team fundraiser. I know that likely a woman will win the scarf, that it needs to be sporty, black and purple, and I’ll be stitching it in Universal Deluxe Worsted.

The saga continues as I think about a pattern. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • stripes are sporty
  • I’d rather it be more feminine than unisex though
  • Not too lacy, soccer games get cool
  • Not too dense a fabric, I want it to be comfortable.
  • Not too hard… I want to stitch it QUICK!
  • Should I do Tunisian?
  • Should I make motifs?
  • Should I make rows length-wise or across?
  • Maybe a seed stitch type thing?
  • Something that will accommodate 2-3 colors…

Time to get out the stitch dictionaries and sketch pad…

I’m going to choose:

  • To work lengthwise in rows
  • Add some gentle waves rather than straight rows
  • Use black sparingly so that it makes the most impact
  • Focus on the purple because it is more feminine than black and maybe more flattering in general. It also makes it more obviously a team accessory.
  • Make it long enough to double but not too wide.

Come back next Monday for the final installment of the Soccer Scarf Saga!

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