The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 2
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Where we last left off, my sister-in-law, Peggy, asked me to make a scarf that would reflect the colors of her son’s soccer team. The scarf would serve as a fundraiser prize.

My thoughts are that if it is a prize, it should be special. Maybe a special fiber, maybe something that is a step beyond what the recipient might make for herself. It needs to be warm since soccer games in Ohio can get quite chilly near the end of the season. My nephew, Ben, though plays all year long. So that makes me unsure what fiber to choose. I don’t want anything too delicate. It needs to be sporty.

I went stash diving looking for anything black, purple, and maybe a neutral.  I found a few acrylic choices, but not quite in the *right* color purple that I wanted. I found a few “sparkly” gorgeous individual skeins of alpaca this or metallic that… but not with a partner of black and a neutral.

Then, in the last drawer of the last rolling bin in the back of the closet… Woohoo! (I may have let out an actual ‘woohoo’ noise worthy of a soccer game…

Universal Deluxe, Worsted weight in black, purple and two choices of either cream or light dove gray.  (I’ll be using 100% wool, which Annie’s does not carry… BUT.. Annie’s DOES carry the Universal Deluxe in SUPERWASH… can I get another woohoo?) Here’s the link to the superwash at

The saga continues next Monday when I discuss the pattern potential!

soccer scarf saga Universal

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