The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 1
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I’m sure, you like me, frequently get requests from friends and family asking for crocheted items. Generally, people in my life have stopped asking because I have been too busy to accommodate their requests. This time, it was my sister-in-law Peggy asking. Peggy has never asked for anything and I was flattered and surprised. A few years ago I made a crocheted scarf for her for Christmas, so maybe she remembers?

Peggy emailed that her son’s soccer team is having a fundraiser and can I crochet a scarf to go in a raffle basket? I’m not sure why this intrigued me but I decided to say ‘yes’.  I guess I’m in a good place now that the holiday crush is over?

What key questions would you ask?  I asked who is likely to buy the raffle tickets? She said the soccer team is black and purple. She thought that a woman would be more likely to buy the raffle tickets for the basket.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as I go stash diving!  Since I’ll be donating the scarf, I want to check first if I have what I need already before buying something new.


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