Another “Favorite” Day

As the new editor of Crochet! magazine, I hear myself saying, “THIS is my favorite day as editor”.  And then another fun task will come up and I’ll say it again.

TODAY though, is truly one of the best days as editor. Today I get to contact designers and tell them “YES!”. Yes please, I’d love to have your design in our next issue!  We have selected the items for the Spring 2015 issue.  It will actually take me most of today and probably most of tomorrow to contact everyone. One or two might not hear until Monday.  But as soon as I hit ‘post’ on this paragraph, I’ll start emailing.

Have you ever thought of becoming a crochet designer? Are you a great teacher with something new to share? Find the Designer Guidelines here for more information.


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  1. I love receiving those e-mails!I’m in the process of blocking and getting ready to submit for the next call. so exciting.

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