A new season of Knit & Crochet Now!
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We taped a new season of Knit & Crochet Now a few weeks ago!  Taping the tv show is always a whirlwind of activity. We tape the whole season within just a few days. On the cast is our Host, Brett Bara and experts, Kristin Nicholas, Robyn Chachula and myself, and guests Drew Emborsky and Jenny King.  New to this season’s cast is Lena Skvagerson! You’re going to love her light and lilting Swedish accent. In addition to our on-air cast, we have a HUGE team of behind the scenes technicians, sound and video producers, floor directors, camera operators, our make-up artist all led by the legendary Candi Jensen.

Here are some photos I took while taping Season 6!


On the top is me with Drew!  We didn’t even PLAN our ensemble; it was just serendipitous that we matched so well. On the bottom is me with the lovely and talented Jenny King. She taught me a few new tricks as we scrambled to get the show projects together!


On the top are Robyn Chachula and me. We’ve been friends for a long time and it’s always fun to get together! We have so much in common. On the bottom is me photo-bombing as author, designer, Kristin Nicholas and multi-crafty Brett Bara prepare for the upcoming segment.

KCN 6 KN cameras KCN 6 KN EG

On the top is the view that the cast has when we tape. There are 4 cameras, you can’t see the HUGE monitor that is off on our left that shows us what the cameras are seeing. On the bottom is me with Kristin Nicholas. I just LOVE her aesthetic and long to knit with color like she does!

You can watch the show on PBS about 85% of the US. If it’s not in your area, contact your local PBS station and request it. Also you can catch the show with ALL the accompanying patterns on past season DVDs at AnniesCatalog.com.

2 Responses to A new season of Knit & Crochet Now!

  1. murray2540@aol.com says:

    Hi Ellen,
    That was really fun to watch. I never scroll around, I just get to the patterns but that was fun to see the others from the show. Thank you.

  2. jodie kingsley says:

    I love your show never miss a show infact I got season I threw five dvd. And I whould you to do a show on cables knitting. And cable crochet please thanks . And can get get. A. Magazine. Knit crouchet now. Thanks jodie

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