Meet Lena Skvagerson!
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I could say, ‘Meet our new pattern designer!’ or ‘Meet our new Knit & Crochet Now Associate Producer!’ or I could say, ‘Meet our new Ravelry liaison’ and it would all be true!

Lena Skvagerson is a yarn industry expert who has joined as at Annie’s for many duties including all of the above!  She took the time to answer a few of my questions so we could all get to know her better.  You’ll love her answers, I know I did. She is both happily pleasant and super knowledgeable.

Ellen:  How long have you been knitting and crocheting?

Lena: I started doing both in kindergarten so that was about when I was 5-6 , which is like 45 years ago. (wow :/) My kindergarten teachers there taught me my very first finger knitting and how to crochet worms. Neither my mom or grand mom was crafty, but my best friend’s mom knitted the coolest sweaters for her in the 80’ies. That’s when I really started using my own skills since my Mom wasn’t going to make me any of those trendy mohair sweaters like the ones my friend (and Madonna) was wearing. Is knitting and crochet taught in the schools in Europe?

In school in Sweden everyone (boys and girls) gets sewing class for 2 hours every other week, from grade 1-9, that class includes both knitting and crochet.

Ellen: What inspires you to design?

Lena: No 1 inspiration is and have always been fashion. I love looking in fashion magazines, or go through fancy stores and look at everything that looks knitted or crochet, and then make my own version.

Ellen: What’s your favorite color?

Lena: Blue for anything for my house, neutrals to wear for myself like white, beige, brown and black that will work forever and always match with anything, and primary colors for kids.

Ellen: When you are designing do you like to listen to music or tv or have quiet?

Lena: Love to sit on the couch with TV on when knitting/crocheting and being creative, but when I am doing the match for the patterns, then it must be completely quite and no one around to even try talking to me.

Ellen: Do you remember the first item you ever designed or improvised?

Lena: Very first were little Barbie outfits, but do not remember any particular. First real sweater was a kid sweater for my new born girl cousin. It was bright pink in bulky brushed wool, and I embroidered flowers on it using purple and light blue. It was super scratchy and I have no clue if my aunt ever put it on her.

For 25 years I have worked for Drops design. Before Drops I did take a one year college program in pattern construction. I have had numerous designs published over the years in Scandinavian magazines. During my last years at Drops I created 300+ of their tutorial knit and crochet videos.

Ellen: Is there a special place on where readers can find YOUR designs?

Lena: If you search Annie’s Signature Collection you will get all patterns that will come. There are many in the pipeline, but so far just the Crocodile Trio

Ellen: (The Crocodile Trio is a knitted version of the popular crochet technique. But never fear! Lena has many crochet items coming soon!)

Thank you Lena!  I can’t believe we didn’t get a photo of us together when we taped the newest season of Knit & Crochet Now.


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