Behind the Scenes at Crochet!

This is my first installment of ‘Behind the Scene at the Magazine’… read it to yourself in that nostalgic¬†narrator voice of the soap operas where they told you what happened on the previous episode…

Last week at Crochet!

Assistant Editor Sara was feverishly assembling all the NEW projects that just arrived for the upcoming spring 2015 issue. YES… 2015.¬† (Can you believe we work that far ahead?) Ellen consulted with Kortney, Annie’s yarn buyer, about what customers are loving in the catalog. Executive Editor Carol, was working on a new surprise for Crochet World magazine readers!¬† Cover artist Nick, presented 4 possible cover options for the Winter 2014 issue. (I’m so excited!). Layout artist, Dustin, brought in his adorable Giggly Girl to model something sweet for Spring issue. I think I heard her say, “Can I keep it?”.

Join us on the next installment when you can overhear Ellen say, “Velcro is the arch-enemy of yarn.”

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