Crochet for the sake of Crochet?

I have found that there are two moods of crochet… crochet focused on the final product and crochet enjoying the process without concern for the outcome.

Sometimes, I like to crochet simply for the sake of crocheting. Maybe a pretty ball of yarn has come to the surface of a stash bin and it just begs to be something. Freeform crochet without a plan, is the way to go!

Do you ever feel this way? What’s your go-to stitch when you just want to fiddle with crochet without a pattern or plan?

maura 2

Turn your creativity on it’s head and try crocheting without a plan!

One Response to Crochet for the sake of Crochet?

  1. Laura Freihage says:

    I use single crochet and leftover yarn to make afghans for the very tall men in our family. single crochet so their toes don’t stick out…

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