Maura’s Tee designer, Tammy Hildebrand
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KCS 2014 Tammy

Designer, author, Tammy Hildebrand created the Maura’s Tee for the Autumn 2014 issue of Crochet! She was kind enough to answer a few qustions about herself. Above is a photo of Tammy and me just this past weekend at the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire.


Ellen: Have you ever taught any family members to crochet?

Tammy: I taught my daughters to crochet when they were about 8 and 6 years old. They both did very well and   then never picked up a hook again! I have very high hopes of my granddaughter wanting to learn in a few years. She is only 18 months old but she has been fascinated with watching me and playing with yarn since she was born!

Ellen: Who in your life is your biggest fan/supporter?

Tammy: Without a doubt, my biggest fan is my husband George. He has been so supportive and tells everyone he meets about what I do.

Ellen: What is your favorite style of yarn? (smooth, novelty, chunky, animal fiber, multi-color or solid?…)

Tammy: Smooth Bamboo, Rayon type yarns in solid, bright colors.

Please visit Tammy’s Hot Lava Crochet Facebook page:


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  1. Aretha Maxey says:

    I’m trouble with the sleeves. How do form them, For a left hand person? HELP….

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