Crochet! Autumn issue

Have you ever had something so much on your mind for months that you assume everyone else is “in on it” too?  I have been happily consumed with the Autumn issue of Crochet! since October of 2013 that I almost forgot to tell you about it. After all these months, it’s HERE!  Over the next few weeks on the blog I’ll bring you behind the scenes quotes and highlights from the designers. But first… the cover!

Cover Autumn 2014 cover

We had 3 contenders for the cover photo. Our cover artist “mocked” them all up and we laid them out side by side. This is the stunning winner because of the “wow” factor of Kristen Stoltzfus’ Ivy Brambles Stole. It’s a combination of Broomstick and traditional stitching and those beads! It is stitched in Tahki Stacy Charles Filatura Di Crosa Cenolavaggi Super Fine. Gorgeous.



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