Pearls & Oysters Throw

Pearls & Oysters Throw

By Cindy Adams, in the Autumn issue 2014 of Crochet

Pearls and Oysters Throw

Welcome Cindy Adams! She tells us about her process here:

My favorite hook size is probably an H. Sometimes I use smaller and larger, but not usually the steel hooks. I also like to use Tunisian hooks. 

I get inspiration at all times and places. I learned NOT to look at crochet books and magazines at bedtime, or I would be awake “designing” for hours! I also have ideas that just don’t work out like I expected. I know it is unusual, but swatching is one of my favorite things to do.

When my sons were elementary school age, they would always want to stop and buy yarn and a crochet hook when we were on family vacations. (They never wanted to take stuff from home.) I don’t think they ever crocheted outside of the car, but at least they showed an interest in learning.

I would have to say that my husband is my biggest supporter, He is very patient and understanding when I stop at a yarn store. And he doesn’t complain (too much) about my stash at home that has WAY outgrown my studio.

My favorite type if yarn is multi-colored!! After that, I like just about everything except mohair, due to allergies. For crochet I prefer smoother over highly textured because I can see the stitches better.

Thanks Cindy!

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