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TELL YOUR STORY!  Editor Ellen Gormley wants to hear how crochet has enhanced your life! Submit your story in 150 words or less to You may include 1 photo. By submitting a story, you agree to let us publish it. Offering a story is not a guarantee that it will be used.

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  1. Annemarie Melnic says:

    My love for crochet came at the early age of 8. I would sit in awe at my grandma’s fingers working their magic turning fine cotton into beautiful doilies and bedspreads. She’d sit by the window for the light and I would sit at the edge of her bed for what must have been hours fascinated by the speed those fingers worked her hook. Every time I crochet I feel my grandma’s presence with me and I hope one day one of my 4 granddaughters might feel the same for me.

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