From Our Readers

I think your magazine has a good mix of most things crochet, with a pattern in all experiences from beginner to advanced. I especially like the Crochet Solutions 101 section; it has helped me to improve my own techniques. Also the In Stitches section which is nice to learn new stitches.
-- Deborah H.
I love the magazine! I can always find projects that suit my interests and skill level. I have no problem reading the instructions.
-- Annette C.
Crochet! magazine helps give me refreshing ideas and patterns for new projects and gifts.
-- Clarissa C.
Great magazine. Love the variety of projects and skill levels.
-- Pam S.
I love this magazine. I have been crocheting for 50 years and still love it the most of all the needlework I can do.
-- Michele M.
I love it! I've been a subscriber for very long time.
-- Maria R.
I love the clear, simple layout of Crochet! There are always several projects I mark to make as gifts for Christmas and such. I love that you have clothing projects that include Plus Sizes. And I definitely love that you can download the magazine to iBooks! It makes carrying your WIP so much easier!
-- M. Berdan
I like Crochet! magazine a lot. The pictures are very good, and the diagrams are great. Also, the designs can be worn by women of any shape and size - HUGE bonus!
-- T. Gaspari
I love all the great different patterns. And you always have good pictures and directions. I sell crochet items online so I love that you have updated items.
-- T. Wright
It is always a lot of fun to get the latest copy. I've kept issues from many years back and still enjoy looking at them time and time again. Then again I see things that I now want to make.
-- M. E. Dorn