Majestic Mountain Shawl

M22164_Majestic_300   The Majestic Mountain Wrap is simply elegant. The easy mesh stitch in the middle is quick to stitch until you get to the developing diamonds on either side. It’s the perfect balance of easy enough to be fun and complicated enough to keep my interest. The Omega Mimosa yarn has a subtle sheen to it and comes in a variety of colors.


Get the instant download of the autumn issue of Crochet! which includes the Majestic Mountain Shawl, read the details here.

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Granny Squares from Simple to Sensational

Please join me in my new Annie’s online class: Granny Squares from Simple to Sensational!

Here’s the preview video!

132977_2 132977_3 132977_9




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Quicksilver Broomstick Wrap


Designer, Jessica Potasz, delivers the amazingly simple but spectacular, Quicksilver Broomstick Wrap! If you haven’t tried broomstick lace, now is the time. The design is an easy rectangular shape that is seamed to create a luscious poncho. The Premier Yarns Downton Abbey Collection Lady Mary light is a very drapey and sparkly soft yarn. It’s acrylic with a hint of glitter. Learn more about the yarn and see 6 colors HERE.

I was thrilled to get a glimpse at Jessica herself. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting her but enjoyed seeing a peek at her creative world on her blog.

Get her Quicksilver Broomstick Wrap pattern on newsstands now or immediately on download HERE. 

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Providence Baby Blanket

M22164_BabyBlanket_300  You’ll be mesmerized by the Providence Baby Blanket by Marly Bird. Stitched in Bulky Red Heart Boutique Infinity yarn in three colors, each that subtly changes color so that the swirling effects are maximized. You can stitch this amazing motif blanket using single, half double and double crochets. Close-up photos and a great invisible seam diagram give you the tools to learn the spiral technique.

Find this pattern and 24 more instantly in the autumn issue of Crochet! Get the issue instantly HERE.






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What’s Hot on Pinterest?

The Knit Look Sweater!


Follow the Crochet! magazine Pinterest page for free HERE.


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Summer is almost here! Summer of 2017, that is!

Even in the midst of the dog days of summer 2016, here at Crochet! magazine, I’m already looking ahead to the summer of 2017! I’m not one to wish time away but yet we must be ready! Here are a few of the yarns and colors we are looking at for the upcoming issue. Cascade Ultra Pima close up of Natsu Cotton True Sport

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Knit and Crochet Show, Part 2

IMG_7761  Members of the Crochet Guild of America can enter their own original crochet designs to the design competition. Above is the Grand Prize winner by designer, Katherine White. There are many categories eligible for prizes. Thread, garments, accessories, innovation, home décor, etc. I often search for designs for the magazine from the entries. In fact, Susan Walsh’s Tunica Geometrica was among the entries of the 2015 competition!


I can’t wait to show you the great designs I’m looking to purchase from the 2016 participants!


I also had the joy of meeting magazine readers. Here is Sonya, who was wearing one of MY designs from a few years ago. What a thrill! In this photo I am wearing a Doris Chan design in honor of her induction into the Crochet Hall of Fame.

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Knit and Crochet Show!

I just got back from the annual Knit and Crochet Show!  (Not to be confused with the Knit and Crochet Now, tv show!)  The Knit and Crochet Show is a joint venture with CGOA (The Crochet Guild of America) and TKGA (The Knitting Guild of America). The show happens once per year and features classes, meet-ups, fashion shows, banquets, vendors, and FUN.

This year the event was in Charleston, South Carolina. I met up with many readers of Crochet! magazine.

IMG_7815 Here I am with designer, teacher, Susie Allen of East End Design Company. She was super busy teaching classes all weekend but we were able to catch up!

IMG_7774 I found some gorgeous yarns from Oink Pigments in the Vendor Market.

IMG_7850  And I watched as the amazing Doris Chan was inducted into the CGOA Crochet Hall of Fame!

Next July the show will be in Chicago! Start making your plans, I’d love to see you there!


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Crocheting in the Emerald Isle, Kylemore Abbey

IMG_6825 IMG_6848 Our group visited the amazing Kylemore Abbey, (pictured above). The abbey grounds had vast Victorian gardens and it’s own chapel. The views were breathtaking.

IMG_6962  We visited the ruins of Ross Castle and enjoying the history of the country.

IMG_6961 For me, you can’t go on a trip without sampling the local food. This was a mid-morning snack of pancakes in Adare.

IMG_6870  Some of the ladies took a break from sight-seeing between activities.

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Crocheting in the Emerald Isle, Part 2

What amazing adventures we had in Ireland!

IMG_6762  We had THREE outstanding crochet classes with our celebrity instructor, Jennifer Ryan, pictured above. She was so well organized and walked us through Celtic-inspired crochet techniques. She offered three main projects, one for each class, but each one had variations so that students could choose! Above you can see Agnes our tour guide and fellow crocheter, looking on from behind. Sitting, working intently is a grandmother/granddaughter duo, Mary Ann and Isabelle.


My family came along on the trip with us. Here we are standing in front of the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.  In addition to the crochet and craft related adventures our group also got to see many of the iconic sights of Ireland.

IMG_6618 This is the farmer at Rathbaun farm who talked to us about the farming life in Ireland and gave us a sheep shearing demonstration. This sheep had never been shorn before and I think she quite liked the haircut! Sheep are not harmed while shearing and the farmer explained that the sheep are shorn for their own benefit, not for revenue.

IMG_6571 Also on the farm at Rathbaun, we had a scone making class! We discovered the joys of Irish butter. These three ladies all joined us from outside of the US… the Phillipines, Australia, and South Africa to be exact! We also had another participant, Maria, who joined us from Puerto Rica.  What a wonderful mix of crafty people from around the world!

IMG_6519 IMG_6518

We spotted these crocheted hats for sale in shops in Galway and Killarney.  They were tightly stitched single crochet beanies that were lined with a stretchy fleece on the inside. They were approximately $30 in US dollars.

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