Over the years, I have become an expert de-tangler. One of the upsides of having a huge yarn stash though, is that if I get too annoyed at a tangle, I just cut it out. Some yarns are precious and some I have enough abundance that I don’t waste the time.

What is the longest amount of time you have ever spent detangling yarn? How long do you work with it before you cut-bait?

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From Knit to Crochet!

So many people have been asking the question, “How do I take a knit pattern and make it crochet?”

There’s not a simple answer for this but in the Autumn issue of Crochet!,  Annie’s Signature Designer, Lena Skvagerson takes the Berroco, knit NUSS sweater. by Cirilia Rose, and offers her crochet translation.

288_nuss_lg_medium M22160_Suss_300

The knit, Nuss, is in green on the left. The crochet, Suss (to suss-out or figure out) version is on the right.

Both patterns are stitched in Berroco Blackstone Tweed, and our crochet version is sized up to 2X.

Check out the new issue of Crochet! to hear my interview on p. 46 with Lena Skvagerson and her thought process in making the trade from needles to hook.

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Crocheters are lining up for Ireland!

Spots are filling up for the Crochet in Ireland trip!

If you haven’t heard, next June, the 24th thru July 3rd, 2016 Annie’s is organizing a 10-day crochet trip to Ireland!  I’m working hard to arrange to go with you all! The price of the trip includes round-trip airfare from New York, private motor coach and guide, hotel, most meals and more!

Some of the fascinating stops on the journey will be Blarney Woolen Mills, Avoca Weaving and Spinning, Ross Castle, a sheep shearing demonstration. Designer, Jennifer E. Ryan will be coming along and teaching workshops! There also will be a local teacher in Ireland to give us a traditional Irish crochet lesson.

Jennifer Ryan has designed some very amazing and show-stopping designs for Crochet! magazine over the years.

M22159_Feileacan_300 M22160_Brilliant_300

There is a payment plan. You don’t have to have all the money up front, but spaces are filling and so a deposit sooner than later is a good idea.

Click HERE to read the details.

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Sneak Peek of Annie’s Craft Festival!

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I Love Yarn Day!

The annual I love Yarn Day is coming up!

Get your hooks ready for Saturday October 17.


Stock up on yarn HERE.

Stock up on hooks HERE.

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Knit and Crochet Show: FASHION SHOW

Saturday night of the Knit and Crochet Show was the Fashion Show for CGOA. Annie’s was a sponsor of the event. Annie’s is the publisher of Crochet! magazine, Crochet World, and five other magazines. Plus they sell yarn, have online classes and more. All the attendees at the fashion show and banquet received an Annie’s mug that said, “To crochet or not to crochet – what a silly question” plus a free pattern and a ball of Premier Wool-Free Lace yarn that could be used to make the pattern.

Managing editor, Jackie, and I assembled all the mugs Saturday afternoon before the banquet. Isn’t the array pretty?

Above my head, Susan Sullivan, who works for Annie’s and is the current President of the CGOA, is on stage doing her opening remarks and I’m about to go on as emcee of the fashion show.

 Me, carefully coming off the runway to turn around and go back to emceeing.
Me at the podium for the 2nd year in a row. It’s amazingly flattering to be asked back again.
Here I am emceeing as Doris Chan comes on stage to do a little bit.
Susan Sullivan is the acquisitions director for crochet pattern books at Annie’s.
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Knit and Crochet Show: Editor Meet & Greet

Saturday started with the annual “Meet & Greet”. Designers and aspiring designers can line up to take turns consulting with editors and design directors. This year, I was there representing Crochet! magazine. And not Carol Alexander, but our managing editor, Jackie Daugherty, was present representing Crochet World. We met many new talented and exciting designers with whom we were not yet acquainted. (SCORE!)
Here is Karen Knies and designer Linda Dean, representing the CGOA booth.
 All members of CGOA get a subscription and access to back digital issues of Crochet!  The CGOA newsletter is an insert in magazines of the guild members.
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Crochet! Blue for Autumn!



M22160_Chambray_300 M22160_ClearSkies_300 M22160_Color_300

The autumn issue of Crochet! has a few beautiful blue projects! On newsstands now, these comfy projects can be made for this fall.

Hannah, on the left, is modeling the Chambray skirt, designed by Jill Hanratty. The skirt is made in two arrow-shaped pieces that are cleverly sewn together to make the chevron. Worked in Kollage Riveting sport, this three-color combo is adorable and easy to wear. It has a draw-string tie for comfort.

In the middle, Misty is modeling the Clear Skies Turtleneck, by designer Melissa Leapman. This is a classic silhouette with modern striping. Perfect for an afternoon football game, make this sweater in your team colors. This project is stitched in Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpaca Cherish, in three colors.

On the right, Misty is modeling the Color-block chic Pullover, designed by Kathy North. Awesome comfy styling and modern angles make this sweater easy to stitch. This pattern is sized up to 2X and is stitched in Cascade Yarns Heritage fine (sport).



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Made in the USA- Romney Ridge Farms

Introducing Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co!

Here is the information they provided about their company:

Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co creates high quality, beautifully hand-dyed yarns. We selectively purchase clean, healthy wools from our fellow shepherds who practice humane and responsible animal husbandry to blend with fleeces from our own beloved flock.

Fibers are sorted and blended by breed, then washed at a Maine-based wool scouring facility implementing environmentally safe washing methods by using eco-detergents. Spinning of our yarns takes place as a New England based, historical wool mill. Our woolen-spun yarns are lofty and have more of a unique, homespun appearance rather than a mass produced look and feel of commercial yarn. We take care in choosing harmonizing blends of wool for each yarn run we create – choosing specific wool types for the base.

We use only W. Cushing Dyes, manufactured in Kennebunk, Maine for our dyeing. W. Cushing Dyes offers a large selection of rich, bold colors and require no harsh chemicals, only vinegar to set the color.

Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. is proud to produce 100% American Made Yarns.

Our Romney Ridge Farm Blend Yarns are a traditional, hardy, woolen-spun yarn. Perfect for hats, mittens, scarves & sweaters. Beautiful for colorwork.

romney ridge sheep


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Knit and Crochet Show, 2015


Many people are confused, let me try to explain. The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) used to have a convention that they called “Chain Link”.  People some times refer to this current event as “Chain Link” but that is just an affectionate nickname at this point (I think).

Several years ago, the CGOA and TKGA (The Knit Guild of America) both hired a management company to help with all their business stuff. The management company suggested that CGOA and TKGA create a show that benefits both guilds… hence THE KNIT AND CROCHET SHOW (consumer show) was born. (Not to be confused with Knit and Crochet Now!, the tv show).

At this annual event, the CGOA and TKGA hold (independently) their membership annual meetings, classes, banquets, fashion shows, competitions, etc) But both knitters and crocheters may attend classes for both and we all share the vendor market.

This year’s Knit and Crochet Show was in San Diego!  (whoohoo!  I had never been to San Diego so this was fun!) Thursday night was the big market preview! We get a crack at all the vendors before the general public. Above is me with designer/author Tammy Hildebrand and designer/author/writer Brenda Bourg. (I can’t wait to see Brenda’s new book!) Brenda is also one of the editor’s of the Talking Crochet Newsletter.

 Here I am with designer, Kristin Lynn.  If you don’t recognize her name, pay attention to it and tuck it in your mind for later.

Again, here I am with Brenda.  I have learned from experience that I should get as many photos as possible from the very first night because it only gets more busy from there. I designed the top I am wearing a few years ago and never wrote it down. It’s made of Southwest Trading Company yarn.

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