The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 2

Where we last left off, my sister-in-law, Peggy, asked me to make a scarf that would reflect the colors of her son’s soccer team. The scarf would serve as a fundraiser prize.

My thoughts are that if it is a prize, it should be special. Maybe a special fiber, maybe something that is a step beyond what the recipient might make for herself. It needs to be warm since soccer games in Ohio can get quite chilly near the end of the season. My nephew, Ben, though plays all year long. So that makes me unsure what fiber to choose. I don’t want anything too delicate. It needs to be sporty.

I went stash diving looking for anything black, purple, and maybe a neutral.  I found a few acrylic choices, but not quite in the *right* color purple that I wanted. I found a few “sparkly” gorgeous individual skeins of alpaca this or metallic that… but not with a partner of black and a neutral.

Then, in the last drawer of the last rolling bin in the back of the closet… Woohoo! (I may have let out an actual ‘woohoo’ noise worthy of a soccer game…

Universal Deluxe, Worsted weight in black, purple and two choices of either cream or light dove gray.  (I’ll be using 100% wool, which Annie’s does not carry… BUT.. Annie’s DOES carry the Universal Deluxe in SUPERWASH… can I get another woohoo?) Here’s the link to the superwash at

The saga continues next Monday when I discuss the pattern potential!

soccer scarf saga Universal

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Health Benefits of Crafting

Writer Anne Miller, wrote on 1/21/15 this fascinating article about the health benefits of crafting.

Ditch the Prozac, Take up Crafting

As a former mental health worker, I don’t advise you to ditch your meds but certainly she makes some great points about the meditative and therapeutic qualities of craft. It’s something that we all have known intuitively for quite some time, but it’s nice to see it described so succinctly.

Take a look and take some confidence in knowing that engaging in crochet is not only good for your creative spirit but it is also great for attention deficits, anxiety, and coping with stress!

Isn’t that Great?  Yes, yes, it is.


Pair crochet therapy with some pet therapy and you’ll be in a happy place.


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Learn to Read Symbol Crochet Diagrams!

LSC banner

Have you noticed that I have started adding symbol crochet diagrams in Crochet! magazine in the past 3 issues? I know that wading through columns and columns of text to understand a pattern can be tiring and confusing. But with symbol diagrams you can get a quicker understanding of how the pattern works. The language of symbol diagrams is easy to learn and will serve you well as you work patterns not just from Crochet! magazine, but also from publications all over the world. I have stitch dictionaries from other countries in other languages that I can use because I can read symbol diagrams.

My new Annie’s online class, Learn to Read Symbol Crochet Diagrams, is now live! You can view the class instantly from your computer. Follow the link above and receive a 20% discount on the class until 1/24/15.

LSC hands photo

The class includes 5 projects, with both full text instructions and symbol diagrams for each. I’ll teach you what the symbols mean and how to work from the diagrams both in rounds and in rows.

LSC cuddle time LSC Water Lily shawl

Click here for a video preview of the class.

Join me in crocheting faster and easier than ever before using the tool of symbol diagrams.

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Congratulations Crochet World!

Congratulations to Crochet World!

Crochet World editor, Carol Alexander, shares the win with all the readers! Check out the Crochet World blog, here.


The Flamies are awarded each year in several categories to recognize outstanding publications, blogs, designers and suppliers. The awards are selected by popular vote from the crochet community.

We are thrilled for Crochet World, a sister to Crochet! magazine.

Go here to view all the 2014 Flamies Awards.



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The Soccer Scarf Saga, Part 1

I’m sure, you like me, frequently get requests from friends and family asking for crocheted items. Generally, people in my life have stopped asking because I have been too busy to accommodate their requests. This time, it was my sister-in-law Peggy asking. Peggy has never asked for anything and I was flattered and surprised. A few years ago I made a crocheted scarf for her for Christmas, so maybe she remembers?

Peggy emailed that her son’s soccer team is having a fundraiser and can I crochet a scarf to go in a raffle basket? I’m not sure why this intrigued me but I decided to say ‘yes’.  I guess I’m in a good place now that the holiday crush is over?

What key questions would you ask?  I asked who is likely to buy the raffle tickets? She said the soccer team is black and purple. She thought that a woman would be more likely to buy the raffle tickets for the basket.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as I go stash diving!  Since I’ll be donating the scarf, I want to check first if I have what I need already before buying something new.


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The Editor Wants to Know- Do you crochet projects for men?

We crocheters LOVE to crochet for the people we love!  I don’t want to exclude the men in my life from all the crochet goodness.  But… are men more difficult to please when it comes to crochet? Tell me!  Do you crochet for the men in your life? What do they like? What did you make that they love?

Currently, I’m making a blanket for my 12 year old, Chief. The blanket is in the colors that Chief chose, navy and black. I love both navy and black, but together in a blanket is tough to work on in low light. Still, the blanket is turning out great and he likes it.

What are you making for the men in your life?

P blanket in process

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Grand Opening Sale!

Enjoy a YARN SALE now until January 19, 2015 at

Use the Code YARN20

Come and see what’s new, browse the new site, look at the Create a Kit feature, shop the Annie’s Signature Collection Exclusive patterns, sign up for the Yarn Trend Report newsletter and view the top 20 in crochet! Of course, if you don’t already subscribe to Crochet! please do!


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Annie’s Yarn Shop!


I hope you come visit Annie’s new Yarn Shop!

Come back 1/13 for a Grand Opening SALE

Browse around and see the ‘Build A Kit’ section

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Season 6 of Knit and Crochet Now!

Season 6 of the Knit and Crochet Now tv series begins TODAY!

season 6  E and Brett ad

You can click HERE to see if it is airing on one of your channels.

In Season 6, you’ll find many, many fun and inspiring projects designed by popular designers that you know from the magazine! How about this fun crocheted ottoman cover:

KCN Motif Ottoman Cover

Or this gorgeous Lisbon wrap by Robyn Chachula for Berroco Design:

Robyns design for KCN 6

Crochet! magazine and the Knit and Crochet Now! team work closely together, along with Creative Knitting, to bring you awesome designs. A few are an in-depth look at favorites from the magazine, offering you tips and tricks to accomplish the styles you’ve seen in print. But most of the designs are never seen before offerings for you!

Check out the All-Access Membership to Knit and Crochet Now! for SO MUCH VALUE. So many patterns with the support of the on-air tips!

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Crochet Resolutions

As the new year approaches I seem to have goals for everything! I have fitness goals, I have financial goals, but what about crochet goals? (Or even knit goals…) Do you have any?

Maybe your goal in 2015 is to make more gifts, crochet down your stash, learn a new technique, or even get started on NEXT year’s holiday crafting?

Annie’s can help you with all those things!

1. Crochet Gifts: Many, many ideas here.

crochet gifts 2 cover crochet gifts 3 cover crochet gifts cover

2. Crochet Down your Stash: 23 ideas for using stash!

3. Learn a new technique:  Maybe Hairpin or Broomstick lace, or Tunisian Crochet Colorwork, or Learn to Crochet Sweaters! (or many, many others…)

Learn Tunisian Crochet Colorwork Learn to Crochet sweaters Learn to Crochet Lace

4. 2015 A craft-filled Holiday, starting NOW.

Annies 2014 Christmas

For me personally, #1 on my list is to finish the blanket I’ve been making for our son. #2 Design more for the magazine. I’d love to have 1 piece in each issue. #3 I want to KNIT a pair of socks! I think it would be rewarding to put some colorful goodness on my feet by next winter.

What ever your crochet or crafting goals, type it into the search box on and see what you find!