If the fall out from a big event is an “aftermath” then the chaos that ensues after the completion of a big craft project is a “Craftermath”.  I don’t know who coined the phrase but I totally feel like my office is in chronic ‘craftermath’ status. Today I’m cleaning my office. When you complete a project, do you feel the need to get organized and put things away before beginning a new project or do you just plow on through?


Minnie 2014 sitting in chair

Many times my auxiliary office (aka the Couch) is in a space shared by my office mates. Here is Minnie, taking a snooze sitting up so that she doesn’t miss anything important.

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The Editor Wants to Know…

How big is your yarn stash?  Bonus points for starting your answer with ‘my yarn is SO BIG…’

I’ll start…

My yarn stash is SO BIG… that elephants are worried that they will get lost in my stash. Seriously, I stopped counting.


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Behind the Hook at Berroco

photo 7 (640x480)  I stand amidst aisles and aisles of yarn at Berroco. If you think you have stash, just see THIS stash!

photo 6 Berroco owner, Warren Wheelock, demonstrates how the yarn goes from the cone to the hank.

photo 8  This magical machine makes the rainbow color cards that I use in the Annie’s office to choose just the right yarn and colors for the items in each issue. Strands of each color are glued onto cardstock with all the details about the yarn. It’s literally a “snippet” of every yarn and in every color that Berroco sells.

photo 9 (240x320)  But long before the yarn makes it into your stash, the colors and fibers are discussed at great length. Finding just the right combinations. My visit with the Annie’s team, we were discussing Berroco’s newest yarns that will be revealed in the spring. Yum-o.  I *may* have been given a hank or two to play with, ya know for research.  I didn’t even get back to Ohio before I was swatching with the newest products offered by Berroco.

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I love Yarn Day and SALE!

Friday is I LOVE YARN DAY!


The Craft Yarn Council leads the I Love Yarn Day event every year and here are ALL the details.

Declare your LOVE! Get involved.

  • Create an I Love Yarn Day badge
  • Teach someone to knit or crochet
  • Do something for charity
  • Wear a knitted or crocheted item
  • Give a gift of yarn
  • Take your yarn to work day
  • Host a yarn-a-bration party
  • Knit, crochet and craft in public

How are you going to celebrate?  I think I’m going to go yarn SHOPPING.  ALL YARNS are on sale at Annie’s in honor of I Love Yarn Day… 15% off!  But hurry it’s limited to 10/10 and 10/11.

I’ve had my eye on:  This little gem here (go see!) and THIS one too! What yarns do you have a soft spot for?


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Berroco Bliss

I had the opportunity to visit Berroco yarn with a few members of the Annie’s team. Berroco is located in Rhode Island, two short plane rides away from me in Southern Ohio. Visiting a yarn company is a designer’s dream come true.  It was very much like being a kid in a candy store!

Here are a few of the highlights…

photo 1

Annie’s Yarn buyer, Kortney, looks at the newest garments in the newest yarns. She is always at work choosing the yarns she thinks you’ll like in colors and price points you’ll love. Check out Annie’s extensive yarn selection HERE.

photo 2 A sneak peek at the space of the design team. Berroco employs 20 in-house staff. It’s a family owned company that goes back SIX generations!  Their history is fascinating and much of it can be found on their website. I found the story of how the name ‘Berroco’ came to be very interesting!  Berroco is NOT the family name… exactly. And because of the history, I will henceforth be able to spell Berroco correctly without questioning how many “r’s” and how many “c’s”.


photo 3  We enjoyed a tour of the warehouse space by owner, Warren Wheelock. Also pictured with Warren is part of the Annie’s team. L-R: Connie Ellison, Kortney the yarn buyer, Michele Fortune (in front, VP of Product), Warren, Kara Gott-Warner, Editor of Creative Knitting and Director of Knit & Crochet.

photo 5

Kara poses with some of the huge cones of yarn that will be “put-up” into hanks or skeins. I have a few more photos that I’ll post in a few days. Thank you, Berroco team, for an amazing visit!

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Make a Difference!

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single acquaintance who hasn’t been impacted by Breast Cancer through a loved one, family member or friend. It can feel very lonely for patients and the friends can feel so helpless. Here is a way YOU can help.

Women’s Day magazine in partnership with The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) are working together to encourage stitchers to make chemo caps. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Chemo caps can be a very comforting and practical gift for people who are undergoing treatment.

If you would like to participate, download either the Free crochet or Free knit pattern here: The patterns are donated by yarn companies, Universal Yarn and Lorna’s Laces.

All the details are there to make and donate your chemo caps and write notes of support to people who can benefit from a bit of hope.

TNNA-chemo-cap-crochet-250 TNNA-chemo-cap-knit-250

On the left is the crocheted Sweet Slouch hat by designer, Amy Gunderson. On the right is the Raspberry Beanie by Lauren Sanchez.

How many can you make by December 31, 2014


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Save the Date!

I Love Yarn Day is coming up! Friday, October 10.  I know, I know, EVERYDAY is yarn day, but this day is special.  Check out the gear and the details here:

I’ve got my eye on the baseball cap… perfect for those early Saturday morning bad-hair days at the soccer field.



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Wax on!

C176SurveyBanner160x160_anim  Click the icon for the survey.

Take a survey about why you knit or crochet, where you shop and how it’s benefitted you. Win prizes!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE talking about crochet. I’ll talk to anybody anytime about crochet. Here’s a chance to tell the Craft Yarn Council about your love for knit and crochet and they won’t even get the glazed-over look that my family gets when I start to wax on about my latest project.

Click on the ICON above for the link to the survey or copy and paste this link into your browser:



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More sneak peeks!

When can you time warp 2 seasons ahead? When you are getting a sneak peek of Spring 2015 issue of Crochet!

photo shoot 3 photo shoot 4



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Falling into Spring!

It may be the first few days of Fall here in Indiana but our minds are on Spring!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at our Crochet! Spring 2015 photo-shoot.

photo shoot 1

I’ll try to post another one later today or tomorrow. As you can see we are ‘on location’ in a beautiful spot with lovely weather.


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