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Trending on Pinterest!

Trending on Pinterest right now…   Joyous Squares!

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What a Bargain!

Marvelous Crochet Motifs is only $1.99   

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Trending on Pinterest

The Say it with Hearts throw is trending on Pinterest today! Check it out! You can find the pattern HERE.  

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Crochet! Autumn 2016 is HERE!

I am so thrilled to bring you the Autumn 2016 issue of Crochet! Check out the out-of-this-world Tunica Geometrica! Don’t worry though, It’s an experienced project but there are plenty of projects for all skill levels in this issue!

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Join As You Go

Here’s a join as you go (jaygo) technique that I don’t usually use, but I like the braided look that results. I call it “Drop Join” because you drop the hook from the loop, insert the hook into the space … Continue reading

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The Summer issue is LIVE!

Hi dear readers, I’ve missed you!  If you are like me, the end of the school year is approaching and it seems like the world starts spinning 100 times faster. There is a sudden rush to fit in all of … Continue reading

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Yarn Bowls, the conclusion!

Amanda Pawley is the artist behind Pawley Studios yarn bowls. She makes bowls that come in a variety of earth-inspired styles, shapes and sizes. Shown are the cosmic Starry Night Yarn Bowl, the earthy Denim Blue “Tangled” yarn bowl and … Continue reading

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Yarn Bowls Part two!

If necessity is the mother of invention then the Lickin Flames yarn bowls are a marriage of convenience! Artist Jim Atchison made a yarn bowl from his High Prairie company for his knitter-wife, Brenda. Now he makes earthenware bowls for … Continue reading

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Yarn Bowl Mania

Have you ever used a yarn bowl? Get a peek at this lovely one from… Creative with Clay is the company for artist Charan Sachar. He found that the oval bowl with two swirls, one cut into either end, is … Continue reading

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Northern Harbor Tank

Read a behind the scenes look at the Northern Harbor Tank on designer, Jennifer Pionk’s blog!.

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