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Free pattern of the month!

People are going crazy happy for this link on Pinterest, that leads you back to Crochet! magazine’s free pattern of the month: This year’s theme is: Afghans & Throws Reversible Rainbow, designed by Darla Fanton 

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Crochetville’s Designer Blog Tour

Crochetville’s third annual Designer Blog Tour in honor of National Crochet Month began Sunday, March 1. Each day of the month, two crochet designers will host and possibly offer giveaways. The last 7 days of the month, will be posts … Continue reading

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Crochet for pets!

Do you crochet for your pets? I had a fun conversation with a friend the other day. She wanted to make a sweater for her dog because we have been having extremely cold temperatures lately. We talked about what she wanted … Continue reading

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What’s Trending on Pinterest

It’s so fascinating how Pinterest seems to be timeless. There is no then only now. Pins from the past get attention and suddenly they are new again. From the Crochet! magazine board on Pinterest, this afghan, the Joyous Squares by … Continue reading

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The Editor Wants to Know…

What was your very first project? Do you remember your very first crochet project? I started crocheting at around 8 years old. I think my first project was different colored granny squares, one red, one green, one blue, one yellow… … Continue reading


Are you dreaming of summer?

Yesterday I put down a deposit on our family vacation in the summer. Ah, summer.  As we struggle with yet another snow day I think of all the people who have been snowed-in for weeks!  Being hopeful and thinking forward … Continue reading

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Today I’m using my tablet as a yarn swift.

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Motif Mania, Marvelous Crochet!

Do you marvel at crochet motifs? To me, crochet motifs are little gems of artwork complete in one tiny package. Motifs are also units, granny squares, small pieces of fastened off crochet that are usually joined to more to make … Continue reading

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My Living Room Office

You may or may not know that I work remotely as the editor of Crochet! magazine. What that means is that I work from wherever I am on any given day.  When I’m at the office I have a space I … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Crafting

Writer Anne Miller, wrote on 1/21/15 this fascinating article about the health benefits of crafting. Ditch the Prozac, Take up Crafting As a former mental health worker, I don’t advise you to ditch your meds but certainly she makes some great points … Continue reading

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